Velocity 1.1.0 Status Update, July/August 2020

Well, it’s been more than two months without one of these posts and the fact I’ve been delayed in making this post due to college starting back up.

This one is going to be pretty short as a lot of the really big changes have already been covered.

General Rollup

The last true announcement we made as a project was us gaining a new sponsor - thanks to Voldex Services once again.

A New Website?

We’ve been making slow progress on a new website. It’s not yet fully polished but here’s some screenshots:

Given my busy schedule (plus a preference to work on code rather than documentation) it will be some time before the website is fully completed, but I’m aiming to launch it at the same time Velocity 1.1.0 releases.

New Brigadier Command API

Thanks to @hugmanrique, Velocity 1.1.0 now includes an extensively reworked command API. Probably the most notable feature is full support not only for Brigadier command hinting but also support for commands written using Brigadier itself. This is functionality that would have otherwise required deep modification of the proxy. Compatibility with Velocity 1.0.x’s command API remains but will be removed in a future major release.

Adventure API

Velocity now uses the Adventure API, a further-evolved version of the text API included in Velocity. Adventure has added much more functionality and standardized several APIs that Velocity 1.0.x used to include on its own. As of now, Velocity supports sending messages, action bar messages, titles, and boss bars through the API, with the possibility of supporting other types.

Networking Optimizations

Several optimizations were made to the Velocity networking layer over the summer, whether that is optimizing varint reading or further reducing the use of uncached exceptions to better deal with denial-of-service attacks.

Thank You!

I know, this post is late and somewhat short, but I really appreciate the large effort our community puts into making Velocity awesome. See you soon!