Velocity during November 2018

We’ve been eerily quiet on the forums for a while. We’ve been working on Velocity even though we haven’t said much.

Big Changes

  • Velocity now uses Checker Framework and has adopted the Google Code Style for Java.
  • Many API changes have been made. Amongst others:
    • Introduction of the ProtocolVersion enumeration.
    • Several changes to the GameProfile class.
    • A ProxyVersion object for cleanly obtaining the version of the proxy.
  • Velocity has received a bunch of Forge-related fixes thanks to the awesome @dualspiral. If you’ve been having issues with Forge on Velocity, they should be much-improved now.
  • Other smaller bug fixes have made their way into master.

New Features

A little light here, but these features are important.

  • Velocity now supports forced hosts.
  • Velocity now features the ability to reload its configuration while still running.
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