Velocity in front of Velocity over the internet?

My server is hosted in Germany, but I have a few American players who seem to have some routing issues.

To alleviate the routing issues, I created an amazon EC2 instance which acts as a simple proxy between them and the server in Germany, this seems to work slightly.

I was wondering if I could install Velocity on this proxy server instead, and use it to forward to the other Velocity instance running on the server in Germany, instead of just proxying the packets. Will this have any benefit? Does Velocity deduplicate any of the data it requests from the server, or is it essentially the same process as what I have right now?

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We do not support running Velocity behind another Velocity instance. In general, this is a bad idea for many reasons (managing the network, plugin interaction, …)

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In the same way this would be a good implementation by velocity proxy.
In Latin America the home internet infrastructure is too poor and they have bad routing with other countries.

It would be good if one instance of velocity allowed an flat configuration that connect to another instance of velocity proxy.
This would establish a good connection routing from the proxy 1 to dedicated servers, which usually have good connections and good routing.

For example, I am going to show you statistics on the state of the Internet in Argentina.

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