Velocity: Now in Beta!

This announcement has been brewing for a while, but I’ve been busy and hadn’t quite had a chance to complete writing it. I am now making this announcement to provide a powerful signal to developers and users about the proxy.

As of January 28, 2019, Velocity is now considered to be beta-quality software. Here’s the important details:

  • The Velocity API is mostly stable. Extensions to the API remain possible. Breaking changes will only be considered under extraordinary circumstances (i.e. if they prevent Velocity from supporting a new Minecraft version). In any event, methods marked for removal will be deprecated and removed in a future major version of the proxy.
  • The Velocity server software may undergo some internal changes. We are not at this time committing to stability of the internal proxy, so if you are using the internal proxy APIs you can expect breakages from time to time.
  • Some features remain to be added to truly make Velocity ready for its first 1.0.0 release. For instance:
    • Native messaging capabilities
    • More administrative sub-commands for /velocity
  • Velocity has been proven to work well on production loads of up to 500 players. We have no doubt it can scale up and handle more.

We have truly evolved a lot and grown in the nine months since the Velocity project was nothing more than this:

package com.velocitypowered.proxy;

public class Velocity {
  public static void main(String... args) {
    System.out.println("Hello, Velocity world!");

We have an awesome community and a small but growing rank of community developers and collaboration from the Sponge and Paper/Waterfall teams.

I will be writing a more fully-fleshed out update post covering Velocity changes from January to the present.