Velocity Prometheus Exporter

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Velocity Prometheus Exporter

A plugin that exports network stats for Prometheus.

If you don’t run a network proxy, you might also be interested in Prometheus Exporter for a single server metrics!

Why Velocity Prometheus Exporter?

  • monitor your server infrastructure
  • track your players, events, and servers
  • automates the collection, management and viewing of your data
  • get alerts for service outages

Runtime Requirement

  • Java 11+

Compatible Proxy

  • [x] Velocity
  • [x] BungeeCord / Waterfall
  • [x] RedisBungee



Quick Start

Drop the bungeecord-prometheus-exporter.jar into your plugins directory and start your proxy server.

After startup, the Prometheus metrics endpoint should be available at localhost:9225/metrics (assuming localhost is
the server hostname).

If running inside the docker, change the host to to allow Prometheus and other services to reach the endpoint.

The metrics port can be customized in the plugin’s config.json (a default config will be created after the first use).

Prometheus config

Add the following job to the scrape_configs section of your Prometheus configuration prometheus.yml:

Single Proxy

  - job_name: 'bungeecord'
    scrape_interval: 5s

      - targets: [ 'localhost:9225' ]
          proxy_name: 'proxy'

Multiple proxies

You can use labels in your Prometheus scrape configuration to distinguish between multiple proxies:

  - job_name: 'bungeecord'
    scrape_interval: 5s

      - targets: [ 'localhost:9225' ]
          proxy_name: 'proxy1'
      - targets: [ 'localhost:9226' ]
          proxy_name: 'proxy2'

Import Grafana Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Grafana -> Dashboards -> Import
  2. Paste in or upload default dashboard


RedisBungee is supported but disabled by default. RedisBungee metrics are not used in the dashboard because we are
already collecting metrics from single instances. However, if you still want to integrate with RedisBungee, free feel to
enable it and modify the dashboard.