Velocity Utils | Useful commands like /send and /find

Velocity Utils

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This plugin contains useful commands for admins and moderators to view information and manage players on the server. This plugin contains multiple commands that are default on Bungeecord like /send and /find.



Permission: velocityutils.alert
Send an alert to all the players on the server

/find <player>

Permission: velocityutils.find
Show the server a given player is currently on

/ip <player>

Permission: velocityutils.ip
Show the ip address of a given player

/join <player>

Permission: velocityutils.join
Send yourself to the server of a given player


Permission: velocityutils.proxyinfo
Show information about the proxy server

/send <from> <to> (/vtp)

Permission: velocityutils.send
Send a given player or group to another server of player

/serverinfo <server>

Permission: velocityutils.serverinfo
Show information about a given server

/velocityutils <help|version> (/vutils)


Permission: none

Show the help page of the VelocityUtils plugin


Permission: velocityutils.version

Show information about the versions and author(s) of the VelocityUtils plugin


  1. Copy the VelocityUtils jar file into the plugins folder on your Velocity server
  2. Restart the Proxy server


Feature request or bug reports can be made on GitHub. Click here to create one.

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The plugin can be downloaded on GitHub. The releases section of the repository contains all the releases of this plugin. New releases will be placed there as well.

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