Download via Github:

VelocityStaffChat is a simple to use staff chat plugin to keep staff conversations private.

/staffchat [message]

Aliases: /sc

/sc toggles staff chat so that all messages are sent to the staff chat channel



The permission node wont work, it just says Permission denied.

No problems on my end. You need a permissions plugin to give staff the staffchat permission in order for this to work. You can download LuckPerms here.

I had to rebuild the plugin to get it to work with the current velocity version. To get it to compile I also updated the POM to build to java 11 and updated the lombok version to 1.18.16

But now it appears to be working great!

The error I was getting was : Method β€˜net.kyori.text.TextComponent net.kyori.text.TextComponent.of(java.lang.String)’ must be InterfaceMethodref constant


Anyway to make it so it shows there rank prefix when using the staff chat?