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VelocityStaffChat is a simple to use staff chat plugin to keep staff conversations private.

/staffchat [message]

Aliases: /sc

/sc toggles staff chat so that all messages are sent to the staff chat channel


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The permission node wont work, it just says Permission denied.

No problems on my end. You need a permissions plugin to give staff the staffchat permission in order for this to work. You can download LuckPerms here.

I had to rebuild the plugin to get it to work with the current velocity version. To get it to compile I also updated the POM to build to java 11 and updated the lombok version to 1.18.16

But now it appears to be working great!

The error I was getting was : Method β€˜net.kyori.text.TextComponent net.kyori.text.TextComponent.of(java.lang.String)’ must be InterfaceMethodref constant