VelocityUtils - useful commands for the Velocity Proxy!

VelocityUtils is a plugin that gives Velocity users the commands they’ve known to love in BungeeCord. It’s very simple and uses almost no resources!

:floppy_disk: Download: - Get the latest release here!
:gear: GitHub :

/alert <message> - Broadcasts a message to everyone connected to the Velocity proxy.
/find <username> - Finds in which server on the proxy a chosen user is
/list - Shows a list of all players, grouped up into servers, along with a total player count.
/send <player/current/all> <server> - Sends a player, the current server’s players, or all players in the proxy, to a chosen server

The permissions for the plugin are velocityutils.<commandname>.
For example, the /alert command’s permission would be velocityutils.alert

Just drop the plugin in the plugins directory and you’re set! :smiley:

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