Version Supporter (Solved)

It would help my Network out if someone could develop a plugin like ViaVersion to allow 1.8 to 1.13.2 to join the servers. with a plugin like this, it would allow more players to join a server in there favorit version.

ViaVersion has support for velocity already I believe.

Sadly, velocty dose not support the plugin, i even checked again to make sure.

ViaVersion GitHub:

ViaVersion Build Server:

The GitHub clearly shows a velocity package on master.
Download the latest version and it should work.

i tried the jar but it still did not work. if it helps im using paper 1.12.2

Use ViaVersion either on your Paper OR Velocity server(s) to enable 1.13+ support for your 1.12.2 server.
For support of lower versions, use those two additionally (for 1.8(/1.7) support)