VTools | Get some basic commands


Commands for Velocity proxy server.

Github repository: https://github.com/strifel/VTools (download there in realeses tab)

Please report any issues in github.


Command What is does? Permission
/broadcast Broadcast a message to all servers vtools.broadcast
/find See on which server a user is vtools.find and vtools.find.autocomplete
/send Send a user to a different server vtools.send
/sendall Send all users to a specific server vtools.sendall
/staffchat Chat over multiple servers in a staff only chat vtools.staffchat


I missed the send command, so I found VelocityUtils in this forum, but which seems to not exists anymore. So I created my own. I also hat problems with the staff chat plugin here, so I added that functionality
EDIT: oh. I found some other plugins providing similar functionality now.

I have some of the same commands in MSEssentials, if you’d like, we could collaborate and incorporate some of the send commands to the plugin as well.

Hi. I saw your plugin only after I had already finished mine.
I think the send commands are important, for server administrators.

If you want to implement the commands into your plugin.
My implementation is on github, but there sure is a better way to implement these commands.

Will do, if you want to work with me on this project or have any ideas, let me know, I’m on the discord as Nova-Allen