What brings you to the Velocity community?

Pretty simple: what made you join the Velocity community?

For me, I wrote a long post about it, but for the short version: Not only was the technical challenge compelling, I also wanted to give back to the community in a way I wasn’t able to when I first started out.

I just like to lurk around everywhere :joy: :man_shrugging:

Basically what minidigger said applies to me aswell, I like to lurk around.

Someone asked me to add Forge support! :wink: I have a patchy, though somewhat long association with Minecraft proxies and Forge, and so gather round as I will regale you with my tale.

I worked with blood (then Cauldron author, now Sponge lead) to add Forge support for 1.7+ to BungeeCord. I contributed most of the Forge code to BungeeCord back in 2014 after taking up initial work by jk-5. At the time, I was thinking about Forge 1.7.10, as Forge 1.8 was taking shape.

At this time was the Bukkit DMCA and the start of the Sponge project. Forge added a way to support vanilla clients, which required data to be sent to the server very early. Without getting too technical, this semi-broke Forge and Bungee support when “IP forwarding” (really, player profile forwarding, I forget what it is called in Velocity) was enabled, because Bungee also sent data that was incompatible with the way that Forge sent the data.

Initially, I provided a fix that basically meant that IP forwarding would never work with Forge. At the time, I thought this fix would be fine, because Forge never supported IP forwarding.

This turned out to be my undoing, and I think it is one of the main reasons other proxies, such as Waterfall, exist today. Sponge then came along (something I tracked, but didn’t have a huge involvement in then) and blood roped me in to help add IP forwarding to Sponge… but it required changes to Bungee. So, my first attempt was to update the IP forwarding system, which required a change in Spigot too. It wasn’t accepted because of this change in Spigot that was required.

So, I spent time with another solution that was backwards compatible with Spigot, would allow IP forwarding to work with Sponge, and I thought everyone would be happy. - but again, it never got pulled on the Bungee side (though it did on the Sponge side). Why, I do not know for sure, but there was never an official response. After 2 years of waiting, I closed the PRs. The code was not wasted though, this PR (plus a couple of fixes!) is the one that has made its way into Waterfall and other forks today and is the backbone of the Forge support that Bungee does not offer.

I have supported, from the sidelines at least, Waterfall and other forks and while I’ve long since stopped helping manage servers, I’ve lent a hand. So, when Velocity appeared and I was pointed at it by some of the Sponge team, including kashike, they mentioned that it would be good if I can at least advise on how I added Forge support to Bungee. I spent a couple of hours adding support to Velocity and some fixes surrounding that and… here I am!

So, that’s my story as to what brought me here!

TL;DR: Added Forge support to Bungee, got told about Velocity by some of the Sponge guys, I added Forge support to Velocity.


The fxxc bungeecord’s forge support bring me here.

So, that’s actually a very short sorry. I saw you post on Sponge’s forums, saw that the API was meant to be similar to Sponge, and tried it…
Even if it’s only an alpha-quality software right now, your API is already better than BungeeCord’s one.

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I actually first discovered Velocity when I saw LuckPerms get ported to it.

For the server I run, we were looking to improve our architecture from a single server but weren’t satisfied by the options provided on the BungeeCord platform. When I saw a new platform offering less jank, a more appealing API and plugin ports like LuckPerms, I had to give it a shot. We’re now in the process of building our new community servers around Velocity, Paper and (eventually) Sponge.

Velocity also gave me the opportunity to give back to the community through developing and releasing open source plugins for all to use. The first plugin I’ve released is an unofficial port of Luck’s gChat, but I’m working on a few more plugins and looking to contribute to other open source plugins over the coming months.

I’m using it for a better coded system. (Hopefully)
We’re using: BungeeQuack - use the plugins you love with Velocity!

Is everything is going correctly, we can use this system and our devs :smiley: