What convinced you to try Velocity?


We are very interested in knowing what convinced you to use Velocity. If you’re running Velocity right now, please share why you are doing so! Feedback is crucial.


Well the main reason for me is because velocity actually has a chance of succeeding, without making the same mistakes as Bungeecord or alternatives. Making a proxy is no small job, and it takes the right person to do it while being successful. Many have tried, some with minor success, but they’ll likely never get anywhere further since the developers don’t have the reputation or the skills required. Then you came along, finally someone with the reputation and skills to actually make a project like this succeed on a larger scale than alternatives.

It’ll be an interesting journey for sure, and I look forward to seeing Velocity progress over time.


Funny name and it’s a new piece of software like me on this forum :wink:


I like new things. Your project fixes a lot of mistakes BungeeCord have. So I decided to give it a try :grinning: I hope Velocity will evolve and will succeed because it has a great potential


The recommended tag on Yive’s Mirror:joy:
and Velocity is a new proxy having a better information forwarding than BungeeCord. I liike new things(especially software) becausethey usually having a better performance and more bug fixes:tada:


Why I am trying velocity? Well… I like to try out new software and to see cool things happening with such projects